Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh no she didn't!

This is my "Momma" dog, Suki. Now, Suki is very cute but she has an attitude about having her picture taken and..... letting anyone she hasn't accepted get close to her. She looks so mean in this picture and I guess this is what she looks like to people she doesn't want to be around BUT once she decides she loves you she will remember you for life! When I first got her I was the only one she would let touch her. Then my sons found out that if you hold cheese in you fingers she will come over, eat it and after about five or six times she just might let you pet her on her head. It doesn't take long after that for her to fall in love with you. That is one of my boys she is sitting on in the picture and, maybe she thought that the camera in front of my face was something evil. My best friend can't get near her. In fact the only one she can get close to is "Poppa Oso".

Today I was relaxing in the recliner and Suki got off of it to get something to eat and drink. No problem. When she came back she didn't think there was enough room for her to get up on the chair. She can jump up there but she wants to take all the room she feels she needs which is way more than any of the others need. She kept doing a little bark thing to let me know she wanted me to pick her up but I was comfortable and all the other dogs were comfortable and really, she had plenty of room to get up there on her own. Really she did. All of a sudden she turned barking towards the door like someone is there. All of the other dogs go flying off of the chair and as the ones that were on the back of the chair are flying off she is flying onto the chair! I really could have busted a gut laughing (my stomach was cut from here to there a week and a half ago). She snuggled up to me and I was still giggling trying not to involve my stomach in any of this and all the while the other dogs are still barking at the door and looking at each other to see if anyone knows why they are barking. I wish I had it on video. They finally gave up and got back on the chair. I knew she was smart but darn! She really faked them out good!

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Dawn in Austin said...

That is very clever of her! My little dog, Zoe, can whisper and get the paper. She also likes the game of Where's Daddy? (Or Kenny? or whomever else I send her after)She definitly knows whos who.

Right now...she's learning to die. I shoot her with my finger and she dies. But right now, it's a slow agonizing death, cuz she's more interested in the treat in my hand. If it's a crappy one, she goes down real slow, making me shoot her over and over (otherwise she'll give up after only being half dead). If it's a good treat, she pretty much will drop dead, after walking over, giving it a good sniff to see if its worth dying for.

I have put her newspaper fetching abilities on youtube. It's at click on the one that says Newshound.

Still alone, not lonely said...

Dawn, I just watched your video's and they are so funny that I had to hold my stomach to keep from hurting! I kept thinking that you just might not get your paper in one piece but she was just adjusting her grip. I watched all of your video's including your son's and I was wishing there were more. They were very entertaining. I was worried that Zoe wouldn't like the water but it didn't take long for her to want to go back in on her own.
My poor doggies don't get taught anything. What they know they have learned on their own. It's a good thing they are very smart.
Thanks for reading my blog.