Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go!

I am so excited to be going back to work tomorrow! I mean it I really, really am.

I am not someone that can stay home for long periods of time.

You know how you will be at work and think about everything you could be doing if you weren't stuck at work? That was me until I went out on a six week medical leave and was not able to do anything at all for the first few weeks. Of course, pain meds helped with the boredom. Can't be bored if you sleep all of the time. Seems to help with weight loss too but I wouldn't recommend it because once you stop sleeping you do start eating again.

Then I had one week of feeling good but, with no money I stayed home. The cost of gas kept me from driving anywhere just for fun and so I was stuck at home watching TV. Only, I can only get ABC to come in clear enough to watch so I was forced to watch a stack of DVD's over and over. Then I bought "Wild Hogs" on e-bay and enjoyed watching that moving so many times am worried that I might wear it out. Now that is one funny movie. If you haven't watched it you really should and you need to watch the selection that the director and writer tell you what was going on behind the scenes while the movie is playing.

But, after that one week of feeling good and knowing that I was going back to work at the end of that week I was pretty excited. I was getting out of here! I was starting to that feel cabin fever was sneaking up on me but I was thumbing my nose at it! I was going back to work and be around people and not just my little doggies. I will survive! YES!

Then the day before I was to go back to work I woke up with the feeling like I was having child birth and the child was trying to come out of my hip! I ended up being stuck in the house for another week. I am still limping a little but I will make it to work tomorrow and I will be happy. Might not be so happy the next day but, tomorrow I will be happy!

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